Happy Friday the 13th! I love the number 13 and I feel like it’s a lucky day for people. So here’s hoping something awesome happens for you today. Happy Birthday to my Mamacita, Adelyn, who… View Post

Sometimes I can be the type of person to bounce from thing to thing without feeling frazzled. Sometimes I pride myself on my ability to flow from one obligation to another. Lately, that hasn’t been… View Post

It’s truly amazing how powerful small actions can be. The small kindness of someone looking at you and saying, I understand, I’ve felt that way too.  Or a friend leaving a card on your doorstep.… View Post

I have been so off my meditation game lately and I can really feel it. The anxiety is creeeeepin’ and I have had to mentally slap myself into taking some deep breaths the past week.… View Post

Even as a young high-school runner, I had lower back pain.  In the early 2000’s the whole “core” phenomena had yet to hit, so I was just running about with a blissfully ignorant midsection. Oh,… View Post