Ever just have one of those weekends that leaves you feeling like that is what summer is all about? Well, this weekend was one of those and I am pretty thrilled about it. Friday night… View Post

My mom, sister and niece visited from Pennsylvania this past weekend and are now, sadly, back in their home state.  It was an exhausting whirlwind and I loved it.  Somehow we packed in 3 breweries,… View Post

This past weekend was full of delicious food, actual sunshine and some galavanting around town. And some beer, obviously.  Hope y’all had a good ‘un!

This past weekend began with me feeling like a genius.  My motivation to work out was completely gone when I got home from work.  Enter: Life Hack!  I convinced myself to go running by, one,… View Post

It’s pretty crazy how small changes can affect your outlook so greatly.  Heather sent me a text recently about loving “our new home.”  We moved there in December 2013; not so new anymore, eh?  But,… View Post