Having fun scampering around the internet, as always. Here’s what has been entertaining me lately: ONE I swear to you, this is worth watching in its entirety. This video has over 61 million views so… View Post

Happy Almost Halloween! Let’s be real, Halloween is about indulgence. Indulging in candy, too many beers and way more glitter than any self-respecting adult should ever feel okay wearing in public. Costumes are an excuse… View Post

Some nuggets of entertainment from the interwebs.  Hopefully they will bring you a little joy, especially the last one: This lovely lady does some beautiful hand lettering.  Call me obsessed, but I’m particularly fond of… View Post

This is my resolution to stop inundating my unsuspecting, innocent victims with emails containing my favorite internet finds.  It’s time to wrap it all up into one post: 1. This artcile blew my mind. What… View Post