Caroline got married!!! Well, Caroline AND Alex both got married. To each other!! And it was sooooo sweet. Caroline has a lot of unique phrases she says, including calling things and people “gentle,” which is… View Post

A couple weeks ago, I was lucky enough to celebrate my bachelorette with my two favorite brides to be, my dear friends, Andrea + Caroline! As soon as we realized the three of us would… View Post

The pace has been swift and it’s not slowing down anytime soon! Last week I was in Charleston for work and flew out Thursday to Scottsdale to see our girl Jordan get hitched. Congrats Jor!!… View Post

…The old man is snoring. Just kidding, we had another condo shower! You get it!? Andrea is our July bride and her mom and sisters hosted her shower at the end of last month. This… View Post

The last weekend of March I had the pleasure of celebrating the next bride in our gang, Caroline! Her shower created the occasion for a lovely NYC weekend with my favorite people.To begin my weekend jaunt,… View Post