Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday! There is way less pressure for it be the PERFECTmostAMAZINGsoBLESSSEDperfectGIFTwow day – but still has all the delicious food and family time. Who is with me?! My guess is no… View Post

This year we went to my sister’s house outside Philly for Thanksgiving! We did the usual stuff- Cooked a lot, snuggled on the couch, played with the kiddos and ate our hearts out! Also, it’s… View Post

This year, we did something different for Thanksgiving – we went to my dad’s homeland: Bristol, Tennessee. He’s technically from the next town over, but the remainder of his family is now in Bristol, home… View Post

Since it’s almost Christmas, it felt timely to look back on Thanksgiving. This year we got to celebrate Thanksgiving with both of our families, which makes it one of my favorite Thanksgivings yet. To celebrate,… View Post

Wow, this is late, huh? I got sick right after the holiday and have been down and out ever since.  Almost every one of my family members received the lovely cold Louisa brought with her… View Post