In case it wasn’t obvious, I am obsessed with my nieces. When Amanda told me she was pregnant with Louisa, I had no clue what a blessing it would be to be an Auntie. Now… View Post

Today is Evaline’s one month birthday! If you happen to be someone I talk with regularly, you know I couldn’t shut up about Louisa and the fact that my sister was having another babe. When… View Post

Summer is off to its usual whirlwind start. Last week I was in Lake Tahoe for work and then flew to Philly for Louisa’s second birthday party! While I was in PA, my mom and… View Post

Wow, this is late, huh? I got sick right after the holiday and have been down and out ever since.  Almost every one of my family members received the lovely cold Louisa brought with her… View Post

This week flew by!  It was the perfect feeling of getting a lot done, but not feeling stressed about it.  That is ideal in my book!  A few highlights: ONE I saw my dad yesterday…… View Post