So, the summer of love is officially over. Here’s how I know: My boss is pretty shocked when I’m at my desk on a Friday morning and I don’t currently have any dog sitters lined… View Post

This past weekend Heather and I celebrated three years together. (Check out last year’s two-year post, complete with the riveting story of how we met.) I will be traveling for work on our real anniversary, (tomorrow!)… View Post

Heather and I are officially engaged! So people keep asking if we have a date for the wedding yet, and I am getting the feeling that we aren’t a traditional couple. (Well, we already knew… View Post

When I first began writing this blog last summer, the issue of a name came up pretty immediately. For a split second I considered using my own name, and then about 30 seconds later decided… View Post

Anyone who knows me, especially those who I knew growing up, know my sister and I have a rocky past.  My mom says Amanda was pissed when they brought me home from the hospital, and it only… View Post