Music hasn’t been a much-talked about topic over here, but like most people, I like it.  Groundbreaking, eh?  I’m no expert; I like what I like.   As a kid, I used to dance to… View Post

Some nuggets of entertainment from the interwebs.  Hopefully they will bring you a little joy, especially the last one: This lovely lady does some beautiful hand lettering.  Call me obsessed, but I’m particularly fond of… View Post

As a new homeowner, I’ve incurred lots of fun new costs.  Deck stain and grout and driveway maintenance are all on my list of exciting things I spend money on.  Now that I have a few more… View Post

This week has absolutely flown by.  Here’s what’s been going on for the last 168 hours:   ONE I celebrated last weekend by finally getting some home projects done.  This photo was taken at 7:45am:… View Post

Feeling voyeuristic? Perfecto, here’s a look into my last week or so: ONE We’ve been a two dog house for the past week!  Pookie’s owner died a couple of years ago and her interim caretakers… View Post