I think living with an ex-vegan makes people think I’m a super healthy person. While I don’t cook unhealthy food, I definitely love sweets and beer and work in an office that is chock full… View Post

By no means am I a beacon of health, but I do try. I have weeks where I eat really well, cook a lot and avoid la cerveza. And then I have weeks where I… View Post

I just couldn’t bring myself to abandon this promised post. I’d make the excuse that life has been crazy lately, but that is almost always the case. So put up or shut up, right? Here… View Post

It has been a minute, eh?  It has been a very busy couple of weeks over here! Here’s a quick little recap of the last week-ish: ONE The weather here has been insane! It was… View Post

Feeling voyeuristic? Perfecto, here’s a look into my last week or so: ONE We’ve been a two dog house for the past week!  Pookie’s owner died a couple of years ago and her interim caretakers… View Post