Happy Friday the 13th! I love the number 13 and I feel like it’s a lucky day for people. So here’s hoping something awesome happens for you today. Happy Birthday to my Mamacita, Adelyn, who… View Post

Every time I do one of these I say that it has been a while…and it has! Here’s five things from this week: ONE After being gone for a week, I picked up Heather form… View Post

It’s been a rainy week around here, with lots of lazy Netflix nights and I don’t hate it. Although it is a bit sad to miss a whole week of the best weather that Western… View Post

It has been a hot minute, read 6 months, since I’ve done participated in 5 on Friday! This week has been a good week so I thought I’d share a few of the things that… View Post

It has been a minute, eh?  It has been a very busy couple of weeks over here! Here’s a quick little recap of the last week-ish: ONE The weather here has been insane! It was… View Post