My mom, sister and niece visited from Pennsylvania this past weekend and are now, sadly, back in their home state.  It was an exhausting whirlwind and I loved it.  Somehow we packed in 3 breweries,… View Post

This past weekend was full of delicious food, actual sunshine and some galavanting around town. And some beer, obviously.  Hope y’all had a good ‘un!

This past weekend began with me feeling like a genius.  My motivation to work out was completely gone when I got home from work.  Enter: Life Hack!  I convinced myself to go running by, one,… View Post

As a new homeowner, I’ve incurred lots of fun new costs.  Deck stain and grout and driveway maintenance are all on my list of exciting things I spend money on.  Now that I have a few more… View Post

It is very far out of my comfort zone to be publicly affectionate with the person I love on the internet.  But this Valentine’s Day, Hallmark did its job well, and I was feeling gushy.… View Post