My Dad pointed out to me that since the 4th of July was in the middle of the week, we had two Mondays…womp womp. But that also meant it had two weekends! On Tuesday night, the… View Post

Next weekend is our one year anniversary. I’m finding it really hard to believe it’s been a whole year AND that in that time I never wrote my wedding blog posts! To be honest, it… View Post

**Mushiness Warning** The other day, when we were folding laundry or some other mundane task, Heather looks at me and said “Thanks for doing all the life stuff with me. Not just the fun, exciting… View Post

This year for Valentine’s Day Heather and I did something a little different. Usually, we are boring and cook a nicer-than-normal-meal or go out to eat. But one of my dear friends (Thanks, Caro +… View Post

2017 is a year of celebration. Residing in that lovely “late 20’s-almost 30-do I want babies-do I want to party- do I want to go to bed at 9 pm” zone means one thing: weddings.… View Post