**Mushiness Warning** The other day, when we were folding laundry or some other mundane task, Heather looks at me and said “Thanks for doing all the life stuff with me. Not just the fun, exciting… View Post

This past weekend Heather and I celebrated three years together. (Check out last year’s two-year post, complete with the riveting story of how we met.) I will be traveling for work on our real anniversary, (tomorrow!)… View Post

Get ready for the mush. Heather and I celebrated two crazy years together on Monday! Here we are playing tourist in Asheville, asking passerby to take our photo.  We celebrated with an amazing meal at… View Post

A very important anniversary to teenagers the world over. And to this place…The Everywhere Place I am going to commemorate this long-term relationship with a foray into the superficial. I do live in Asheville and… View Post