I kept joking all week that we beat Kim K and that professional sports dude she was married to…what was his name?! Then someone told me not to be too proud of that. Touche, touche.… View Post

In the year leading up to our wedding, I had a plan. A secret plan that only I knew about. Eventually, that secret was shared between me and my wedding planner, who also happens to… View Post

We chose our Reeb Ranch as our venue, a 1940s dairy farm owned by Oskar Blues, because it represents what is most important to us, and why we both ended up in Western North Carolina: the unbeatable… View Post

I think living with an ex-vegan makes people think I’m a super healthy person. While I don’t cook unhealthy food, I definitely love sweets and beer and work in an office that is chock full… View Post

Next weekend is our one year anniversary. I’m finding it really hard to believe it’s been a whole year AND that in that time I never wrote my wedding blog posts! To be honest, it… View Post