Happy Friday! Shall we? 1. I wanna eat this perfume. There is something about perfume in airports.  I snagged this at the not-so-swanky Duty Free in the Charlotte airport.  (Although that bottle was Dooty Plus… View Post

Apparently I should feel a terrible, horrible shame that I have never seen The Goonies.  Since attaining “adulthood” I seem to constantly shock people with this fact.  I have been in countless conversations where people… View Post

Let’s start backward, eh? 1. My parents surprised me by visiting yesterday!  They live in PA and I knew they were coming to NC this weekend for a bike race but they surprised me by… View Post

Last week I got to meet my niece!   I was able to meet my beautiful niece Louisa Elaine on the 7th day of her life.  She was safely strapped into her car seat when my… View Post

That’s why I love blogs.  And now I have my own.  Hooty Hoo! I think a huge part of reading blogs has to do with getting a peek into other people’s lives, don’t you think?… View Post