A very important anniversary to teenagers the world over. And to this place…The Everywhere Place I am going to commemorate this long-term relationship with a foray into the superficial. I do live in Asheville and… View Post

1. I finally have a legit blog design!!  Thanks to Erin for working with me and doing a fabulous job! 2. I put our garden to good use and made pesto for the first time.   We… View Post

All of my tabs are now live!   Click the icons under my profile picture to follow me on: Bloglovin’ Twitter Instagram Pinterest Facebook!

Hey Y’all! Look how fancy! Thanks to Erin @ Love Fun and Football for my new layout and design!   And thanks to Betsy at Always a Jersey Girl at Heart for the recommendation.   Betsy… View Post

While driving on a beautiful country road recently Heather and I drove by a farm stand.  She had seen this particular one before but I had not. There are tons of farm stands, farmer’s markets… View Post