What the fudge knuckle. Yep, fudge knuckle. {{Side note: In real life, I swear a lot.  Give me one glass one wine and hide your kids.  BUT, I have been told by multiple people that… View Post

It has been an amazing and BUSY week! Let’s go! 1.  This is a scheduled post as I am en route to Baltimore to be a bridesmaid in my friend Abbey’s wedding.  My BFF 4… View Post

I moved to Asheville in early 2012 after a short stint (or just a very long vacation? you choose) in Tucson.  I grew up in Pennsyltucky but spent a lot of time in the Asheville… View Post

How are all you fine people today? I like the idea of recapping my week with the Five on Friday and I thought I would give mine a theme today. Errbody loves a theme, right?… View Post

A very important anniversary to teenagers the world over. And to this place…The Everywhere Place I am going to commemorate this long-term relationship with a foray into the superficial. I do live in Asheville and… View Post