Time for a new phase. That is how I view this huge change: as a life phase.  Most people who work full-time spend more time at work than at home with their families.  In my… View Post

Although I ran Cross Country in both middle and high school, I hated it.  I played lacrosse in high school too and used cross country as a way to not be a complete slob in… View Post

1. One more week at my job! I am a big proponent of change, but it sure will be strange not to be at the same place anymore.  I am grateful for the time and… View Post

I finally bought my plane ticket for Florida!  This Florida trip has been causing me a bit of stress because I was in the process of getting a new job when the idea of this… View Post

Happy Friday party people! 1. I accidentally spent all day drinking mimosas on Sunday and I didn’t hate it.  I am not normally one for “day drinking” as the college kiddos say, but this was… View Post