This month is CRAZY.  I love traveling to see my family friends, and it’s honestly something that won’t change until we can live in two places at once.  But lemme tell ya, each Sunday when… View Post

Mozey was adopted on September 13, 2013 Let’s take an indulgent look back shall we? Her story actually begins with a different dog.  Last August we went to Florida right after Heather’s friend adopted the… View Post

Woah!  It has been a wild 2 weeks.  Here’s 5 things that have been going on lately: 1.  We got back from Florida on Sunday and it was amazing.   I thought I may write… View Post

Time for a new phase. That is how I view this huge change: as a life phase.  Most people who work full-time spend more time at work than at home with their families.  In my… View Post

Although I ran Cross Country in both middle and high school, I hated it.  I played lacrosse in high school too and used cross country as a way to not be a complete slob in… View Post