When I was a kid, we had epic Christmases. I am talking about a room full of presents and a house full of people, literally.  My dad’s side of the family is big and everyone… View Post

True confession, most of my pictures are from phone.  I do posses a nice camera, but it needs replacing, so my lovely little iPhone 5 has been doing the job.  Except lately it has decided to… View Post

Wow, this is late, huh? I got sick right after the holiday and have been down and out ever since.  Almost every one of my family members received the lovely cold Louisa brought with her… View Post

This week flew by!  It was the perfect feeling of getting a lot done, but not feeling stressed about it.  That is ideal in my book!  A few highlights: ONE I saw my dad yesterday…… View Post

I just wanted to say that… I am excited for the holidays!  Oh, you too?  Weird, I thought I was the only one. I often reference the fact that I am an old person but…… View Post