I must preface this by saying: This is not a post for the beauty minimalist. I see you, I aspire to be like you. But, as a product-aholic in recovery, I aim to hit a… View Post

Last year, on Heather’s dad’s birthday, we drove to rural North Carolina to pick up baby Gertie. My father in law Bill passed in 2017, so we planned to name her Billie in his honor.… View Post

It should come as no surprise that since we began this journey, I’ve been reading A LOT. We also spend a lot of time in the car. So I needs me some enter-SANE-ment. That was… View Post

  Ever since we’ve hitched the wagons back up, I’ve been getting requests to see the work we’ve done to the camper. First of all, it amazes people to know we bought the camper in… View Post

As I sit in Arctic Tundra temps, praying my tiny dogs don’t poop on the floor in protest, it’s very hard to believe I just lived 6 weeks in a world wear tanks tops are… View Post