After Virginia, our next destination was quite exotic: the suburbs of Philadelphia! It’s been a dream of mine to take my nieces trick-or-treating since my favorite little people came into my life. It worked out for… View Post

While Virginia is not a state that’s very foreign to me (read: I-81, up and down, all the time) I was still super pumped for our two planned visits in the lover state. That’s what… View Post

So many people have been asking how our trip is going so far. As I am writing, I am curled up in the king-sized bed in my sister’s guest room with my two sleeping pups… View Post

While Pidge will go North, South, and East – first she went West! As I mentioned here, our first stop on this journey was to visit our friends in Lexington Kentucky. We set out Saturday… View Post

When we tell people our plans, the first thing out of their mouth is “JEALOUS!!” and the second has something to do with money. But the third, and way more interesting question is: SO WHERE ARE… View Post