Current Travel Beauty Favorites

I must preface this by saying: This is not a post for the beauty minimalist. I see you, I aspire to be like you. But, as a product-aholic in recovery, I aim to hit a middle ground. One example is the fake tan I now I use. In my extreme-product-usage days I used to have a body specific lotion as well as a face specific lotion. And I’d travel with them both. Baby steps, y’all.

As we prepped to peace the heck out of our house, I got rid of a TON of beauty products. It’s hard to know exactly what you’ll want on the road, and there are some things I left behind that I wish I brought (face masks) and some things I brought that I haven’t used (full coverage foundation)

  • 1. This gorgeous fake tanner! I mix this in with my face and body lotions, which are things I’ll always have on a longer trip. It’s a super nice feeling glass bottle, with an easy to use dropper cap that screws on until it clicks, so you know it won’t leak. It’s been living in a makeup bag since January and it hasn’t leaked! I have the medium shade.
  • 2. Garnier Root Amp This is an odd one but hear me out. When I “do” my hair once, it lasts a lot longer. Maybe you’re the same? If I give it a good go: a hearty wash, good volumizing products and a nice blow dry I can get 4-5 days out of it. Which means 4ish days of fast showers which is key when there are endless places to check off your to-see list!
  • 3. Invisibobble – These go right with #2. I have always attempted to create the perfect messy bun and this is the first item, besides 156 bobby pins, that has actually worked! The way it holds the hair makes it so easy to make a giant, cute bun on the last couple days before wash day! A little dry shampoo, pull out a few pieces around your face…BOOM – 3 minute hair. That’s a travel win, right? PS, I loved these so much I included them in my bridesmaids’ gifts!
  • 4. Coola Sun Drops – I have a similar theory here as the fake tan. This is a liquid dropper-style glass bottle that I mix with my face lotion. That way I have one face lotion for both day and evening. Miracle of miracles, this SPF doesn’t break me out, is “clean” and doesn’t have any reef-destroying sunscreens.
  • 5. Oral-B Floss Picks – This is more about making sure flossing happens while living your best life. These take up a bit more space than a small floss container, but I’m more apt to pick one of these up than go thru the hassle of flossing after a long day of sightseeing! This brand is my favorite; I’ve tried the cheapies and I’m tellin’ ya, they ain’t worth the trouble!
  • 6. This Miracle Gel nail polish in my fave year-round color (or this fun surprise mixed pack: Miracle Gel 6-Piece Random Collection) is so pretty. This is the only nail polish brand I kept when I purged my products and I’ve found lasts longer than OPI or Essie. When traveling, I’ll bring this with my favorite top coat, and touch up the tips as needed.
  • 7. Essie Top Coat– This is the only top coat I use anymore. It gives a super thick gel-like finish. I apply a coat every other day or so when my nails are done and I can stretch up to 3 weeks with this method!

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