Happy Adopt-a-versary, Gertie!


Last year, on Heather’s dad’s birthday, we drove to rural North Carolina to pick up baby Gertie. My father in law Bill passed in 2017, so we planned to name her Billie in his honor.

french bulldog puppy

The name just didn’t stick but we love that the day we took her home coincides with Bill’s birthday, especially since he was such a dog lover.

We often comment that Gertie has seen zero consistency in her one year with us, spending 6 weeks in PA with grandma and grandpa, and having a new home every night. In the past week, I’ve washed blood off her twice and monitored her for a concussion after getting HIT BY A CAR. Thankfully, our gal has a hard-a$$ head and somehow is completely fine. She’s a one of a kind, insane dog. We love to comment that she’s the most expensive “free” dog, what with her extra vet appointments for her heart murmur, cardiologist visits and nose job.

She’s wheedled her way into our hearts, and best of all, Mozey has a forever playmate. They are constantly chasing each other, wrestling (say it with me now: rass-a-lin’) and cuddling.

Happy Gotcha Day to our little meatball and Happy Birthday Bill. <3

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  1. Fran Hammonds
    February 25, 2019 / 2:00 am

    Happy adoption day Gertie! I’ve yet to meet you but I love you, you little fireball!❤️

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