31st Birthday Celebration

I am pretty sure 31 has been my favorite birthday ever. All day long, I kept looking at Heather and repetitively saying how surreal the day felt. To celebrate, I wanted to do a couple hikes that no one else in our crew was interested in.

IMG_3228 (1)First up, we did the Koko Crater Trail, also known as the Koko Head Stairs. The trail is essentially over 1,000 railroad ties going straight up the outer edge of the crater wall. In parts it was SO STEEP that if you stood up straight, you’d wobble and feel like you’d fall back. In this case, you means me! I had to take a few breaks to get my sh*t together and rein in the sheer terror I was feeling.

IMG_3232 (1)

Once we got to the top I was glad I didn’t turn back because the 360 views were amazing. To the northeast, you could see the the windward beaches and to the south, there was Hanauma Bay, Diamond Head and all of Honolulu.

IMG_3229 (1)IMG_3231 (1)IMG_3227 (1)

Going down was totally fine, but my legs were JELLO. At the end I looked at Heather and was like OH MY GOD THAT WAS HARD, and she laughed and said I’d never said that to her after a hike before. I totally felt like champion.

For lunch, we hit up the Sandy Beach Park food trucks and watched the surfers and boogie boarders get thrashed. Seriously entertaining people/surfer watching while devouring an amazing Poke Bowl!


Up next, was Dragon’s Nostrils! This was essentially switchbacks down a cliff to the ocean. The trail was all scrabbly broken rocks and no solid trail – so the adventure was slow going and…exploratory. The reward was the natural lava pools you can soak in, right at the oceans edge. The nostrils are holes in the lava where the ocean water gets pushed up, making an otherworldly noise!

IMG_3217 (1)IMG_3218 (1)oahu hike dragons nostrilsIMG_3224 (1)

After our quad-murdering day, we had champagne while watching the sunset, grabbed dinner at an awesome 60s-era lounge (complete with lounge singer) and strolled the beach with a night cap. My 31st birthday was truly one to remember!


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  1. Courtney Masters
    January 2, 2019 / 1:59 pm

    holy cow…fitness!!

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