Favorites from the Road – Apps, Gift Ideas and Random Loves

Since leaving home there have been a few things that I have been loving and that have been saving my butt – so of course, I’m going to share them with you all. I also threw in a few random items that I know everyone would love – cuz it’s my duty to spread the goodness around!

Fave Travel Holiday Items

1. Marco Polo – This video messaging app is a fun way to send messages to friends and family. I even convinced my sister to download it! ūüėā

2. Tile Mate РThese suckers are lifesavers. Stick one on keys, in your wallet, etc and download the app. Once you have the app, you can click any tile to ring your phone and use your phone to ring the Tile

3. Life 360 – My dad is HUGE on safety while traveling. At the beginning of our trip, he kept asking our location day after day to which I responded: “Find a stalker app that will show you where I am and I’ll download it!” I have really enjoyed it as some of our traveling friends got it too so we can keep tabs on each other!

4. Melitta 10 Cup Pour-Over¬†– I debated FOREVER about how I wanted to make coffee in the camper. At home, we are French Press people. But it’s messy and takes a lot of water to rinse the press out after each use. I wanted something small, sustainable and with a filter – so no big 10-cup pots and no wasteful K Cups! We use this pour over with our electric kettle, making the morning coffee process simple and easy. Bonus, the coffee stays hot in the insulated carafe for a few hours. I will probably use the carafe part once we are back home again since it works so well! Highly recommend!

5. Packing Cubes¬†– These are awesome! The size range is great – I have about 5 pairs of jeans and 10 pairs of leggings in the large one, approximately 15 shirts in the medium and socks and undies in the small ones! Since one side is mesh, you can see what’s inside. I stuff all my clothes in here and pull out the one I need when getting dressed. I’ll be using them for Hawaii too to separate and organize all my crap.

6. Hoop Sleeper Earrings¬†– Kind of random, but I am really obsessed with these. I have 7 ear piercings and very sensitive skin. I used to change out my jewelry all the time but I decided I wanted something¬†tiny,¬†that¬†didn’t have a hook or backing that would irritate my ears, that I could wear 24/7 and sleep in. These come in millimeter sizes and I have the 5 and 6mm ones in all my holes (errr…) except the front one where I switch out my earrings most days. They look really cute and don’t hang down (kind of like a thin cuff) like old-school hoops since they are so tiny. But, the¬†BEST part about these is that they are one continuous loop. They “click” together as you can see in the photo, so you can spin them around and there is no closure that will sit against your ear and irritate it.

7. Zak 30oz Tumbler РI love having this huge tumbler in the center console when we are on the road. I then refill it all day with other water bottles I have stashed around the car. This way, there is one easy drinking cup (with a metal straw) in the middle that Heather and I share and it keeps ice for HOURS!!

8. Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker¬†– This guy was such a find! I returned our one-year-old broken Bose Bluetooth Speaker I bought last year to Target and ended up getting this one instead at the recommendation of an employee there. According to the guy in khaki and red, JBL is not as “sophisticated in sound” (whatever that means) but it was $100 cheaper, easy to carry with the strap and WATERPROOF! And it’s dang cute and gets really loud!

And now for the non-travel related items…

9.¬†Dr. Teal’s Epsom Salts¬†– Now, I included these because I LOVE them, but they are not a travel item for me. I suppose you could take these into someone’s house to take a long-awaited bath if you wanted. I have given these as a part of a HEY YOU’RE PREGGO gift to many people because the Eucalyptus Spearmint scent is AMAZING. Like, my favorite scent of anything of all time. They are cheap, kinda luxurious and one bag lasts a long time!

10.¬†Coffee Gator French Press¬†– My dad kindly gifted this to us when we arrived at their house and it is the best French Press I’ve ever used. And I have used (aka broken) many french¬†presses. ūüė¨¬†The insulated stainless steel body of the press keeps coffee hot, unlike your typical glass press. The Coffee Gator POURS. SO. SMOOTHLY!! I cannot stress this enough! One of my least favorite things out ours at home is how messy it is (see above). Somehow they figured out some magic to make this the smoothest, non-messy contraption. AND, I bent the screen/plunger part the first time I used it (user error – I left a spoon inside) and their customer service department was super kind and sent us a brand new plunger for free!

11.¬†Kneading Massage Pillow¬†– This could TOTALLY be a travel item, but I don’t actually own one. That said, my sister told me about this as she has one and has recommended it to tons of other people. I have also sent them as gifts in the past. It’s highly tested and highly recommended – just check out the Amazon reviews!

12. Pure Integrity Soy Candles – If we hang out IRL, you know that I LOVE candles! These Soy Candles are truly so beautiful and just put me in such a good mood. I’ve worked with this company before and you can feel really good supporting them as they are a family owned business and their product is super safe for kiddos and non-toxic. Regular candles, like my old Bath and Body faves, put toxic chemicals into the air and give me headaches! These are so yummy, with no gross fake scents, and they have a really strong “scent throw” – look it up. Victorian Christmas, Pumpkin Pie and Eucalyptus are my favorites!

edit: Just found my first review of Pure Integrity from 2015 – we are in a long-term relationship now

Let me know if you’re a fan of any of these items or if you purchase any for yourself or loved ones!


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