Christmas 2018

Spending two weeks in paradise leading up to Christmas had all of us scrounging around for that festive feeling. We have been in hardcore vacation mode, soaking up the sun and beaches, and not really thinking about the big, looming end-of-year climax we all wait for. In my mind, I’d already gotten to that huge end of year goal – getting to Hawaii. In the days leading up to the 25th we worked at cultivating that Christmas spirit: we played holiday tunes, watched some holiday shows and my mother in law set out some festive tablecloths, napkins and santa hats she brought from home (awesome right?!).


On Christmas Eve we ate a big festive meal and went to church. My mother in law researched a walkable church nearby and we all ended up really liking it. Love me a good Lutheran! We strolled over kind of early before the service and they were all out on the street caroling, collecting and absorbing passerby as they came and went. They had a couple guitarists and dancing babies, so it was fine by me! I love Christmas carols and I’m now convinced caroling needs to be a Christmas Eve tradition.



On Christmas Day, I did my best to recreate our “festival of cholesterol” that my Southern family serves up every Christmas morning. We had eggs, bacon, fruit, cinnamon rolls, biscuits…and Mai Tais! Later that day, we ventured down to the ocean to laze about, swim, have snacks and maybe another Mai Tai.



That evening, we visited the Honolulu City Lights exhibit downtown. We’d seen the set up since arriving here, but decided to hold the activity for Christmas night. It did not disappoint, and we even got our hands on some famous Leonard’s bakery malasadas.


The best part about this once in a lifetime holiday was that not ONE gift was unwrapped. The trip was a giant gift to everyone!


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