Thanksgiving 2018

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday! There is way less pressure for it be the PERFECTmostAMAZINGsoBLESSSEDperfectGIFTwow day – but still has all the delicious food and family time. Who is with me?! My guess is no one under the age of 12, but that’s alright.

Wednesday, the night before Thanksgiving, my dad always makes Beef Burgundy. It. Is. Epic! (Shoutout to this pre-Thanksgiving 2014 post for reminding me that it’s NOT a Joy of Cooking recipe.) He simmers beef, pearl onions, mushrooms and carrots in a wine sauce for about 47 hours and we eat it on top of boiled potatoes. Not a super photo-worthy meal (but here’s one if you care) but insanely delicious. I’m not a huge red meat person, but this is such a rich, satisfying meal! Exactly what we all need the day before the Thanksgiving, right?!😂

Thursday, my sister, Heather and I went on our annual Turkey Trot! I saw this on Facebook the other day and it cracked me up since it’s so accurate for Heather and my BIL:

Image result for meme greatest fear marrying into a family that runs 5ks on thanksgiving

We always run on the rail trail near my parents’ house, which is totally gorgeous and goes by a few farms, lending a nice Central PA manure scent to the tradition. #CePaForLife


Oddly, we never make stuffing or mashed potatoes! And we all seem to prefer the country ham my dad makes so we opted to forgo the turkey as well this year. Our go-to Thanksgiving always includes green beans, coleslaw, pineapple cranberry relish, biscuits and ham. This year Heather made a delish curried butternut squash soup and balsamic brussel sprouts. And Dad, Louisa and I continued the chocolate pecan pie tradition.


Continuing our food marathon is our traditional day after TGives meal at Reba and Pancho’s the BEST restaurant in Lewisburg – by far! Their avocado salad is INSANE, the french fries with green mayo are DIVINE and the spicy crab cake is the BEST I’ve ever had! My only complaint is that they are no longer BYOB!


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