Pidge goes to…Virginia!

While Virginia is not a state that’s very foreign to me (read: I-81, up and down, all the time) I was still super pumped for our two planned visits in the lover state. That’s what they call it right? TheĀ first stop on our journey was Kentucky, and our second was Douthat State Park! The park was recommended to me by a friend and IT. WAS. AWESOME!! Within the park, there are cabin rentals, multiple campgrounds for trailers and tent campers, TONS of trails and waterfalls and a gorgeous lake with lakefront camping! I totally want to go back there with my whole family. IMG_0901 Douthat was our first solo stop on this journey. And if you missed my last post, the title is pretty descriptive of our time there. Well, not our whole time, but it was our first time using and dealing with our portable black tank – also called a portable sewer tank – hence the Christmas Vacation reference. Excited yet?! Promise that’s the end of the potty talk! IMG_0833 Douthat was incredibly gorgeous, as was the surrounding area. In Clifton Forge, we stumbled upon the only brewery in town: Jack Mason’s Tavern, and enjoyed a delicious Oktoberfest! We spent time checking out the local “Fall Festival” in Clifton Forge – hot dogs from the Kiwanis club and Halloween paraphernalia – and some local hot spots like Humpback Bridge and the Falling Spring Falls. Falling Spring was a stunning waterfall, but FYI for anyone who may want to check it out, it is something you drive up to, not a hike. The best hike we did by far was Blue Suck Falls. The trail was within the State Park grounds and promised a waterfall view. We are selfish people who rarely hike just for the pure wholesome-ness of it – we want a reward. Please enjoy this awesome self-timer family pic in front of Blue Suck Falls šŸ˜‚ IMG_0769

Blue Suck Falls, Douthat State Park


The oldest remaining curved covered bridge in the USA!


Top of Falling Spring Falls


Falling Spring Falls

Personally, during our time there, I achieved my perfect hybrid log cabin/teepee fire build that I’ve really been waiting for my whole life. So, if that’s not an achievement to be proud of…I’m screwed I guess?!   After Douthat, we were headed for a very special destination: to see my oldest friend Abbey! Last September, I threw her a baby shower in DC and then attempted to meet her newborn nugget during Thanksgiving but since he was a bit late, that didn’t happen! It felt like I’d been waiting forever to meet him and finally catch up with my girl again. IMG_0938 Abbey, her husband and their son live in rural VA where her husband is a chef at The Inn at Little Washington. Sounds random, but it’s a BFD…a three Michelin Star spot serving the fancy folk of DC, existing in the tiny town of Washington, VA. Washington is literally Stars Hollow:

Washinton, VA


The Inn at Little Washington

IMG_0915 While we were there, her husband cooked us some INSANE meals, we hiked andĀ generally hung out and chatted, played with the babe, sat around the fire and ate meals together. All the typical LIFE stuff that is made way more fun when you’re with your favorite people. We also visited the super quaint town of Sperryville and their breweries, Pen Druid and my favorite one, Hopkins Ordinary, which had the cutest little beer garden! Sperryville is a close runner-up to Washington for adorable-ness. I’ve spent a ton of timeĀ drivingĀ through VA, eating at the various Cracker Barrels along Route 81, but really experiencing the beauty of the state was so rewarding!



  1. Courtney Masters
    November 8, 2018 / 9:56 pm

    Omg so pretty!!!!!!! Loving these foliage pics!

  2. Fran Hammonds
    November 9, 2018 / 7:36 am

    Iā€™m beginning to envy you girls! The pictures are great and you are traveling some gorgeous areas of this beautiful country we all call home! Enjoy!šŸ˜˜

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