So Where The Heck Are We Going?

When we tell people our plans, the first thing out of their mouth is “JEALOUS!!” and the second has something to do with money.

But the third, and way more interesting question is: SO WHERE ARE YOU GOING?!  

Part of this blog is keeping in touch with people we love, and the other part is about connecting with new people and learning from you all! Through my blog, I’m hopeful that we can keep everyone updated on our future destinations so we can:

  • Meet up with our friends – yay!
  • Get recommendations on cities and towns along the way, between or near stops we already have planned
  • Learn about awesome hikes, dog parks, dive bars, roadside yarn balls at our planned spots- we want to do it all!

So, in case you have some amazing recommendations for us, or want to hang, here are our first stops this October!

  • Lexington, Kentucky
    • Our amazing friends, two travel nurses, are living in their RV here! I am super excited to see how they live the RV life and drink a lil’ whiskey!
  • Douthat State Park, Clifton Forge, Virginia
    • Recommended as a stop in VA by a coworker. This waterfall nearby sold me.
  • Philadelphia
    • Another extremely important stop where I’ll be fulfilling a legit bucket list item…taking my nieces trick-or-treating!!

And that’s it for solid plans, so leave me your ideas or recommendations in a comment!

This trip will hopefully cover most of the US, with some excursions into Mexico and Canada, since we’ll have our pups with us. International travel is a total dream, but there is so much to see stateside!

Most of the holiday season will be spent with family in PA and Hawaii.  Until then we’ll be bopping around PA, and maybe venture to upstate NY to camp a bit before Thanksgiving – the world is our oyster. Once we’re back from our holiday travels we’ll be working our way south, then west, then up the west coast… I am trying not to be too overly ambitious to start out so I can allow for what I know will be a huge adjustment!

PS: We still don’t have working water in our camper.

PPS: We finally named her…Pidge! Short for Pidgeon, the only species of bird that lives on all continents, and a symbol of peace. And Pidge is fun to say.





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      It’s on the list!!

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