Looking Back on Our Wedding: Getting Ready

Next weekend is our one year anniversary. I’m finding it really hard to believe it’s been a whole year AND that in that time I never wrote my wedding blog posts! To be honest, it kinda stressed me out. It felt like a big job to fully represent what the weekend was, to sort through the photos and to write everything I wanted to say. When people say it’s the best day of your life, it’s true. I sincerely wish I could do it again. With that, I know I’ll never 100% represent every element, person or moment from the weekend so I will just dive in!

Before I get into it, I have to give a huge shoutout to our venue and our photographers. Maybe it’s Asheville, or maybe it’s just Heather’s and my fabulous decision making – but we chose the two nicest crews to work with. Our photographers, Zach and Maggie, had us over for dinner when we decided to work together, to discuss our vision. And the event coordinator at Reeb Ranch, Katie, is a true gem whose open personality and go-with-the-flow attitude made the process so enjoyable. If you’re planning an Asheville wedding – use them!!!


Our wedding day…

I had some time to myself in the morning, as I told my mom, sister and bridesmaids not to join me until 10:30. I wanted some time alone to write my vows and I also wanted them to be able to sleep in and do what they needed to do. Our ceremony wasn’t until 6 pm and photos started at 3 pm, so there was no reason to have everyone sitting around longer than necessary! Bridesmaids are such a traditional role, and I did wonder what the point for me really was, but having my closet, most precious women there with me was incredibly important. They added levity, calm, laughter and much support during the entire wedding process.

During my alone time, I sat on the top bunk of one of the bunk beds in the barn apartment, watching the clouds roll over the mountains. Over the preceding months, I had collected notes in my phone of what I wanted to write to Heather, and finally put it all together in some semblance of meaning! Once my ladies arrived, it was time for hair, makeup, and baby holding. Lucky for me, hair was done by one of my besties Sarah, and my makeup artist, Ali, became a friend through the pre-wedding process. While I was in the barn apartment, Heather was in Reeb’s Waterfall Cabin with her family, brides-people and Mozey!

Apparently, the bride is always the last one to have hair and makeup done (things you learn!) so it’s as fresh as possible for the big moment! Once we were all finished, it was time for our first look, which will be my next post. This is a hotly debated topic, and I can say I am so pleased we did one. I was still incredibly nervous when I walked down the aisle and I don’t feel that it took away the specialness of that moment. Having a First Look allowed us hours to get amazing shots of me and Heather and family portraits.

I have too many photos for one post, so stay tuned for the First Look, Ceremony, Reception and Honeymoon!

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Vendors and Links:

Venue: Reeb Ranch, Brevard NC

Photography: Second Street Photography

Planner: Foskey & LoveLace

Hair: Sarah Smith

Makeup: Ali Lawless

Catering: Olive Catering

Dress: Needle and Thread

Jewelry: Earrings made by Heather

Hairpiece: Pearlized orange blossoms, taken from my mom’s wedding hair pieces

Flowers-Soil Songs

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