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By no means am I a beacon of health, but I do try. I have weeks where I eat really well, cook a lot and avoid la cerveza. And then I have weeks where I have plans with friends all week and barely make it to the gym. I am also slowly trying to use beauty products with less harmful ingredients. And on the other side, I love the convenience of aerosol sunscreen. Life is a balance, eh? So in the vein of helping a sisterbro out, I thought I’d share a few things I’ve worked into my routine that are working for me.

Seltzer + Apple Cider Vinegar
I’m sure everyone has heard about how ACV with THE MOTHA is the holy grail for: immunity, indigestion, weight loss and tons of other stuff.  The raw enzymes and bacteria are to blame for the majority of the benefits. I will testify that I drank it every day last winter and never got sick! Some people can take it as a straight shot, but that induces a gag reflex for me, and it’s honestly a pretty jarring way to start your day.

In the winter, I like to drink it as a tea with cayenne, cinnamon, and honey. It’s tolerable. But in the summer, hell no. Cue Seltzer Water + ACV! The way I found out about this is super odd, I scrolled past a random facebook post by a semi-acquaintance asking for recommendations of what to drink instead of soda and someone commented with this combo. It is actually delish, I highly recommend you try it.

Collagen Powder
I’ve heard about the benefits of collagen for skin, hair, nails, etc. but when my neighbor suggested it for Heather after she broke her leg, I finally Primed that shiz right to my kitchen. To be honest, Heather is freaked out by it since it’s made from animal parts, but as a meat eater, I am super down. It is also a good source of protein and juices up your joints and such!

Facial Oils
As a lifetime acne sufferer, I have spent most of my life trying to dry the crap out of my skin to stop blemishes. WELL ladies and gents, I have actually found that keeping it super well hydrated keeps my skin pretty nice! I always have monthly hormonal breakouts, I’m not sure I’ll ever get away from that until THE CHANGE (things to look forward to). But for now, using oils on my face at night has been really beneficial. These are two of my faves, the Josie Maran Argan Oil and Mario Badescu Rose Hip Oil along with my fave Tea Tree oil for blemishes:

Fake Tan + Sunscreen
As your typical vain 30-year-old (there’s no shame in my game) I love a good summer tan. But gone are my days of slathering my hair with Sun-In and my skin with SPF 4 Tanning Oil and baking away. Now, I’ve found that when I have a solid fake glow, I feel no need to let my skin get zapped by the sun to give it that I’m-so-outdoorsy-and-healthy-I-got-this-natural-tan look, or as my dear dad would say, that “pre-cancerous glow.”

These days, I use the St. Tropez face and body lotions for a gradual build up. Both smell great and the face one has never broken me out. For a full-on fake tan, the St. Tropez Express Tan is great but really pricey, so I’ve switched to Tan Wise and it works the same.

Once I’m all glowed-up, I cover myself in sunscreen when I’m outside. For my body, I’m not picky and just get whatever is on sale. But since I have sensitive, breakout-prone skin I am picky about what I use on my face. Enter, SeneGence, the makers of LipSense, which I sell. This is not just a shameless plug, this stuff is great. Both their Day Time Moisturizer and their Color Correcting Tinted Moisturizer use a physical sunscreen, which keeps my sensitive skin sun damage free, happy and calm!

Natural Deodorant
I don’t need to go on about why natural deodorant is good for you. We all know it and get it. Here are a few of my faves that I have found: Native, Schimdt’s and L’Occitane. I can’t get down with florals or vanilla, so two of these are actually men’s scents. Sadly, I don’t have a pic of my absolute fave, the Native Eucalyptus & Mint, since I used it all up, but I had a mini travel size of the coconut scent to show you below. The Schmidt’s is great and I loooove the L’Occitane one, but it’s pricey. I used to buy the women’s citrus verbena scent until the salesperson told me to grab the similar men’s scent, shown below, which was twice as large for the same price. Thanks lady!

On another odd (for me) note, I started the Whole 30 this week. I’ll be posting about that, along with every other blogger on the planet, soon!

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  1. Courtney Masters
    June 8, 2018 / 12:41 pm

    Apple cider vinegar?! Oh man, if the seltzer makes it taste better, I need to try this.

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