Cold Weather Travel Wins!

Having just returned from Paris yesterday, I wanted to share two purchases that were super successful for me on this trip. My two big concerns were shoes for the rainy, cold January weather and a purse that would hold my DSLR while being cute, safe and not too bulky. One pair of shoes and one bag to be worn every day for 7 days with no other options is a big role to fill, so this one is for my travel and functionality-obsessed peeps!

The Boots
Never having taken a big winter trip, I didn’t have any cold-weather appropriate walking shoes. Suffering from PF means I have to have a shoe that fulfills a lot of needs: Thick soles for shock absorption, enough cushioning in the footbed and sturdy arch support. I started my research months ago, browsing my faves, like 6pm and Zappos and cruising the Black Friday sales. I was sure I wanted a mid-calf boot, as it works with the two types of outfits I had planned: dresses/leggings and skinny jeans/cardigans. Since we only do carry-ons in my family, packing has to be done thoughtfully!

The pair I landed on were these Earth brand boots. These high maintenance feet of mine mean that I’m well-versed in comfort shoe brands, but Earth isn’t one I’d tried before, and I was super impressed when I put them on my feet! They are really well made with a thick sole, high-quality water-resistant leather and suede (key for Paris in winter!), and a side zip that made airport security a bit less terrible. The key for me was two different insoles I switched out, one with a high arch and one for more cush, making the shoe feel a bit different on different days – without packing too much!

The Bag
There is a lot to think about when planning what to carry your essentials in while traveling: Traditional camera bags are too bulky for my taste, backpacks aren’t super safe in touristy areas, totes are too large for every day and regular cross-body bags are rarely wide enough for a camera body. I did a bit of research but kept coming back to Kelly Moore’s website. I learned about Kelly Moore camera bags long ago and bought a backpack years ago that I love. Her shtick is super functional but cute bags with tons of pockets and removable padded baskets to protect lens and camera bodies.

After looking at many bags, I decided the Luna Bag would be perfect for our trip, and I was right! All of her bags come with a padded basket to separate your items and protect the camera, which I didn’t use on days when I wanted more room in the bag. The base of the bag was wide enough to hold my camera, sitting lens up, with a bottle of water, my phone, wallet and some snacks beside it, no problem. Two things I really loved about this bag were the comfy, padded shoulder strap (see above) and the fact that it has a zipper and a flap closure. Sometimes I’d leave the flap flicked back (like the photo below) so I could get in and out quickly but keep it secure with the zipper. Little details like that, and clear interior pockets, make busy sight-seeing days just that much easier. Oh, and it’s “vegan leather” which meant that it got soaking wet, many times, and I was never worried about ruining the materials.

If you’re fanatic about the functionality of bags and have pissy feet like me, I hope this was helpful to you!


  1. Courtney Masters
    January 29, 2018 / 10:25 pm

    haha bag & boots FOR THE WIN!

  2. Adelyn V
    February 20, 2018 / 11:48 pm

    Haha "pissy feet" that is 100% #TRUTH

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