30 on Thirty on the Thirtieth

Today I turn 30!

I have been excited for this day for a long time. I’m excited to enter what many women describe as a transformative decade. In celebration, I’m listing 30 things today. Thirty things that are new, things that have changed, or things I’ve come to realize about myself this year. Maybe you can relate?

1. I’m obsessed with my family. They are the coolest.
2. I now understand homebodies, and may possibly be one.
Fun fact: Early in our relationship I told Heather I never wanted to be boring like my parents who read on the couch together at night. That is now my reality and she loves to remind me of it.
3. I hoard sentimental items. Notes, wrapping paper, tickets, you name it.
4. I still feel the same way about socks as I did as a child. Read: They are awful.
5. I see in grey, not black and white. I can usually see anyone’s perspective.
6. I’m a complainer (see #4)
7. If you want something, ask for it. Partners/spouses/friends don’t read minds!
8. I have little eye wrinkles when I smile now, and I like them.
9. I am getting to a point where I like myself with less makeup.
10. I have a house cleaner who comes sporadically – it really improves quality of life. Promise.
11. I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up
12. I’m less tolerant of drunk, ridiculous people
13. I’m a married person – something I never thought I would be! PS: It’s cool
14. Boundaries – I’m pretty damn good at ’em
15. I think being observant is my number one skill
16. I like when my friends ask me for advice
17. I’ve worn the same perfume since high school: Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue.
18. I can be pretty lazy
19. I’m impulsive and want instant gratification. Heather is the exact opposite and its one of her many amazing qualities.
20. My closet is full of way too many clothes, jewelry, and bags, but I’m not sure I can ever pare it down as most of them are sentimental!
21. I tan soooo easily now, not a good thing!
22. I have come to realize how unique it is to have grown up the daughter of a woman who NEVER made negative comments about her appearance or allotted any value to my own. I believe that has shaped me in invaluable ways.
23. I wish I had my grandparents for more of my adult life
24. Consumerism is actually something you have to actively fight against
25. I want to do more for others
26. I really like mayo – this is something I have recently admitted to myself
27. A bad day, for me, is usually the result of being too self-focused
28. I’m obsessive about music that I really like
29. I’ve learned to use the special, favorite things (perfume, clothes, wine) so I can actually enjoy them, not just look at them!
30. Spanx make you invincible

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