Baby E is ONE!

In case it wasn’t obvious, I am obsessed with my nieces. When Amanda told me she was pregnant with Louisa, I had no clue what a blessing it would be to be an Auntie. Now that Evaline has entered our lives, the joy has tripled! One of the best parts of hanging with my nieces is watching them interact. They are SO different. Never having spent much time around kids I didn’t really realize that children had such distinct personalities.

Evaline is as calm as could be, especially when considered in contrast to her wild and vivacious older sister. She goes with the flow and smiles the whole time! I spent 30 solid minutes at her birthday party pushing her in the baby playset swing and chatting with Amanda’s friend. No way in hell would Louisa have let me get away with ignoring her for so long. These little kiddos have created a depth of love in my grinch heart that I didn’t know was possible.

To celebrate Evaline Ruth’s first circle around the sun, I went to Philly for the party a few days early to spend some extra time with my sister and nieces. Amanda and I even had some time with just the two of us, which rarely happens and it was really fun! I also got to bathe in her Liberace-style swimming pool/bath tub hybrid in her new house, so that really made the plane ticket worth it. And she brought me snacks. In the tub. If that’s not living, I don’t know what is.

Saturday my parents, my friend Michelle from Dickinson and tons of Amanda’s friends came to celebrate our little girl! On Sunday, after four beautiful days in Philly, it was time to truck it back to the mountains. As we got older the time we have together becomes more precious. Every time I leave my people it seems to get harder, not easier. Hence why the PHL airport has earned a lot of money in the form of milkshakes and shoes. All guaranteed to soothe the soul!

I can’t wait to see my babies again!

And just for fun…

When I met Louisa

First time I met Evaline

Louisa’s 2nd Birthday

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