One of Those Weekends

Ever just have one of those weekends that leaves you feeling like that is what summer is all about? Well, this weekend was one of those and I am pretty thrilled about it.

Friday night started with Lucky Otter (the family fave!) with our nephew Kent and ended with toaster oven S’mores! Saturday morning, while Heather and Kent went white water rafting (no thank you) I finally forced myself to attend a yoga class. I loooove yoga but have been preferring to do more high-intensity workouts lately, and I could feel myself losing flexibility as a result. Yin is my favorite when I just need to stretch it out and this class did not disappoint! I almost fell asleep at the end, so you know it was good!

Post yoga snooze I grabbed some TJs snacks and met my friend at her pool. This particular pool has a 6-inch-deep area where you can pull in the pool chairs and sit with your feet in the water, which is genius. What was not genius was my snack of choice, popcorn. Take it from me, popcorn + pools do not mix. There was more than one windy moment that ended with us picking out many, many wet popcorn kernels from the water. #fail

As Heather was gallivanting in the rapids with Kent, I packed up our things to head to our friend’s lake house for the night. On my way out of town, I planned to meet up with my dear friend Carly, her husband Sean and their baby Turner. Dear lord, he is adorable. They have been in LA for three years and the last time I saw Carly she looked a little different! So glad these peeps are moving back to NC!

The drive on Saturday from Asheville to Tukasegee (say that three times fast) was amazing. I took the back roads after a crazy storm and all the low-lying clouds over the mountains were just magical. Sometimes I have to remind myself I am SO LUCKY to live here!

Once we got to the lake house on Saturday night, it was pure cell-phone-free heaven. I not-so-secretly love when I lose cell service. It’s an opportunity to disconnect and I don’t feel obligated to snap a pic of every little thing. I did have to snag a few photos when we first got there though. I mean…..

We swam, floated, kayaked, canoed, ate, drank and laid on the dock for 36 hours and it really felt like summer. I’m feeling very thankful for our generous friends who let us come hang! We will be back!

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