Caroline got married!!!

Well, Caroline AND Alex both got married. To each other!! And it was sooooo sweet. Caroline has a lot of unique phrases she says, including calling things and people “gentle,” which is a great way to describe the weekend.

Obviously, this was a few weeks ago, but I am very wedded (pun intended) to chronological blog posts. Her wedding was June 3rd and celebrations began Friday morning with a brunch to honor the bride. Our girl Courtney and her mom hosted, and it was held at a restaurant housed by her great-grandmother’s old home. How cool is that? I am allll about that nostalgia.

Post champagne brunch we all had to take a wee nap before the rehearsal dinner. Dinner was at the Washington House, a really cool spot with a nice flow and lots of light, not to mention the eats! Caroline dipped out at the end, like the smart lady that she is, to have a relaxing eve before the big day. She is seriously such a level-headed soul!

Saturday we did hair and makeup and hung out until the ceremony! The best part of the day, in my opinion, was when our transportation didn’t show and Caroline got all emotional and anxious to go meet her groom. It was so sweet and adorable and I hope she (HEY caro!) doesn’t mind me saying so! We ended up taking her family’s fleet of Volvo station wagons to the ceremony and blasting Celine Dion the whole way. It was memorable, to say the least!

The wedding itself was GORGEOUS and we danced our asses off. It was held at Natirar, a seriously stunning venue, with a legit farm to table catering service which that really lended itself to Caroline’s vibe: simple and elegant. Speaking of which, she even had a late night mac and cheese bar and donut bar! I ate ALLTHEDONUTS and took many photos of my wine glass in front of the fire because … #wine. Sunday we had a lovely brunch to see them off to Spain and made our way back to NC.

Caroline and Alex – I wish you many years of happiness – you are a truly lovely couple (Sounds cliche and fake – but it’s not)!

PS. It is worth mentioning that her photog was amazing – so personable and fun to be around. I hope she enjoyed hanging with us because I personally enjoyed her being there! Check out her post of the whole day here.

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