About Last Week

The pace has been swift and it’s not slowing down anytime soon!

Last week I was in Charleston for work and flew out Thursday to Scottsdale to see our girl Jordan get hitched. Congrats Jor!! It was an amazing and exhausting week and getting home at 12am Monday made for a rough workday. Shout out to folks who can pull of this sort of travel on the reg, don’t know how you do it.

Just to add to the craziness, tomorrow I fly to Austin for our group bachelorette! Since Caroline, Andrea and I are all getting married within 6 weeks we decided to join forces and have one epic party! I have seen pictures of the house we have rented for the weekend, and I know there will be donut floaties, but at this point, all else is a mystery.

I didn’t actually bring my phone/camera to Jordan’s wedding, so I regret that I have few photos of the bride. But here are some pretty snaps from the beach in Charleston, the resort in AZ and a few welcome dinner and wedding snaps from other folks!

Torturing our non-makeup wearing condo member

Caroline snapped this when we were getting ready on Saturday and I had to share. This is really my happy place…champagne, hotel robe + makeup. Done!

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