29th Birthday Celebration

This year for my birthday, Heather surprised me big time!

See her always-epic wrapping below.


I’d been hinting forever that I wanted diamond earrings, but I basically assumed that I was just being a brat and would own some once I was 50..or 40…who knows. Turns out, 29 was the year! Heather surprised me with some gorgeous studs from Ritani! (She did her research well – Ritani only sources ethical diamonds and they are all GIA certified.)

diamond earringsI was totally blown away. Being the GEM (get it?!) that she is, she promised me bigger ones some day. It is just like her to give an amazing gift, and then talk about how she will one-up herself one day. I totally scored with this one. (And I’ll totally be holding out for those lobe-rippers when I’m a crinkly old biddy.)

Later that day, I made Heather go on a very cold run with me. I have this thing about exercising on my birthday. I guess I feel that I should take care of my body and and give thanks for it!


Later on, Heather had me pack an overnight bag and we went on a drive that ended up at a cute mountain-top cabin she’d rented for us! Some of my our best friends were able to join us too. We made a fire, played some drankin’ games, opened a few gifties and enjoyed each other’s company.


It was a lovely birthday and I can’t wait for the rest of my 29th year. Bring it on!

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