Summer 2016 + Ch-Ch-Changes

It’s been almost two months since I last posted – seriously where does the time go? This summer has been busy, but I don’t know one person who wouldn’t say the same thing. For me personally, it has brought a lot of change. I am moving into a new job situation and I am equally excited, scared and exhilarated. Change is good, but my last job was pretty special. The people I got to work with and the day-to-day life were THE BEST and I don’t think I’ll ever recreate that. I am getting teary as I write, and I shed lots of tears my last couple of weeks at work. It’s hard to leave something you love, but I can’t turn down a challenge or a new opportunity.

With change comes a lot of work, logistics and finagling. And this time, with some extra vacation time between gigs. In my time off, I traveled to two different hot, sweaty cities and hang with my favorite people on two different trips. The first of which was to good ol’ Philadelphia.

Two weeks ago, I had the distinctly stressful and beautiful opportunity of helping my kid sis (jk she’s older, but I have more wrinkles) prepare her house for baby number two. She is literally due ANY DAY NOW, according to my mother. According to Amanda’s well-trained baby doc, though, she is due Aug 24, so we’ll see who wins that battle.

My mom and I helped Amanda rearrange the furniture in the baby’s room/guest room and get rid of some old clothes just to make a little extra space. Louisa was in day care the whole week, but we took her in late every day so that we had the perfect balance of toddler insanity and pregnant-lady-being-stressed-out-by-her pushy-family productivity!

Obviously, Louisa is still center stage so below you’ll find a montage of Weeza pictures. People tell me they like seeing these, but this is mostly self-gratifying.  Oh, and I threw in some shots of my beautiful pregnant sis and her husband too. Enjoy!

I’ll leave you with this terrifying Snapchat capture…sorry in advance:

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  1. Courtney Masters
    August 15, 2016 / 1:58 pm

    love the photos!! she's so adorable

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