Friday {The Thirteenth} Favorites!

Happy Friday the 13th! I love the number 13 and I feel like it’s a lucky day for people. So here’s hoping something awesome happens for you today.

Happy Birthday to my Mamacita, Adelyn, who gave me her middle name, love of reading and low tolerance for bullshit. Love ya Mom!!

Sharing some top moments + favorites from the week!

I have been so on and off with my yoga practice, truly since it began. Not going to pretend otherwise. Even when I was teaching…especially when I was teaching. It was so hard to make time for yoga for just me when I was planning classes and teaching every week. I recently stumbled across this article about how meditation makes you smarter and this handy list of calming yoga poses. Sometimes all I wanna do is a juicy twist or some handstand hops, ya know? It’s always good to have a motivation, at least it is for me! Been back on the yoga train this week and I like it!

Life-changing tips for Apple users. Promise!

Morning workouts on the back deck


In about a month I get to go celebrate Louisa’s second birthday. Can you believe it? Shocked? Me too! It’s trippy to look back and when she was just a newborn nugget

For fun, some old posts:

First time meeting Louisa

Louisa’s Baptism

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Easter This Year

She is so smart, wild and loud and I am slowly learning how to play with children. Honestly, I didn’t babysit and have never gravitated towards children. Once Weezy came into the world, that all changed. AND it’s extra exciting because we have another baby girl arriving later this summer! I can’t wait to smell her baby hair and just indulge in those sleepy baby moments. They don’t last long!


On Sunday, we took the long way along the river and walked to New Belgium. They’ve been talking about and working on this brewery since I first moved to Asheville in 2012. It’s right on the French Broad so we’ve watched the process from floats, canoes and kayaks over the last couple of years. I didn’t have high expectations since it’s a brewery…in Asheville. Been there, done that.

But but but, I highly recommend! Their tasting room is really cool and they serve beers you can’t buy in the store, which is probably obvious, but made me happy! The outside patio was rbeautiful and situated right on the river and there is even a grassy area for dogs. And food trucks. Done! Check it out, people!

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  1. Courtney Masters
    May 13, 2016 / 8:22 pm

    Love that outdoor patio!

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