ADS Turned 60!

Last weekend I made a mad dash up to Pennsylvania to surprise my mom for her 60th birthday! I was super excited because it was a double surprise. She didn’t know Heather and I were coming for the weekend and we had a surprise party with all of her friends planned for Saturday night.

I avoided calling my mom all week because I was so scared that I would ruin the surprise, but we ended up texting all day Friday and it was SO HARD to pretend I wasn’t going to see her in a few hours! After work Friday we skee-daddled to the metropolitan airport of Asheville, NC and got into Harrisburg, PA around 10pm. Marcus was texting Heather during our entire 1.5 hour drive to their house, as he was trying to keep my mom awake. Ads and I have the same 9pm bedtime, so our 11:30pm arrival was wayyyy past both of our bedtimes. Mark succeeded in keeping her awake and we surprised her in her bedroom as she was about to go hit the hay!

Of course we stayed up chatting for way too long after that! It was soooo good to see her, I seriously miss my mom every day and I really don’t think that will ever go away. She is one of my most favorite people in the world.

After a late Friday night, we had an early morning on Saturday! Louisa was up at 7… so we all were too! Saturday was my mom’s actual birthday so we sat around eating delicious breakfast pastries, drinking coffee and chatting for a few hours. 

 After breakfast Amanda, Heather and I went on a run on our favorite rail trail! Heather pointed out that I hadn’t been home to PA in the springtime since moving to Asheville. Central PA gets a bad rap for being a hickish spot (which it is, but so is Asheville!), but it is so dang beautiful! That afternoon we went to an amazing plant nursery, at Ad’s request. I’ve never seen anything like it. 

I kid you not, they had every single color of petunias/roses/pansies/etc. you could dream of, for about .25 cents per plant. They had a crazy selection of herb variations, every veggie you could ever want and these lush, overflowing planters for literally $15. Everything was so cheap! If it made any sense at all I would have rented a car to drive home so I could stock up. Alas, it did not.

Later that evening we got all dressed up (read: changed out of running clothes) and “went out to dinner” at Reba and Poncho’s, our stand by spot for celebrations. Their food is phenomenal and it’s located in an old house which makes for an intimate setting. AND it’s BYOB. Done and done. When we arrived for our little family dinner, all of my mom’s buddies were there waiting to surprise her!

I really enjoyed seeing all of my parents friends, who at this point I consider friends too. My godparents were there and some of my parents’ oldest friends whose children I grew up with. It was so nice to rekindle those connections and see how much everyone loves + cares for my mom. And some of her friends brought flasks, so let’s be real, being 60 is awesome.

At 5:30am Sunday we were back in the rental car, starting our journey back home. It was crazy and SO short, but it was SO worth it. 

Happy 60th to the woman that brought me into this world and continues to help me keep my feet on the ground.

Love you Mom!

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  1. Courtney Masters
    May 26, 2016 / 1:00 pm

    So Sweet!!!!! Happy birthday ads! I miss central PA too – this was the best time of the year!

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