Three Years!

This past weekend Heather and I celebrated three years together.

(Check out last year’s two-year post, complete with the riveting story of how we met.)

I will be traveling for work on our real anniversary, (tomorrow!) so we ching-chinged a little early this year.

I had a board retreat scheduled all-day Saturday for Our VOICE and a quick 10-minute errand to run before we could get started on date night. And just to make this interesting, that errand turned into an extremely frustrating 30-minute drive, complete with a few 3 U-turns. As I was huffing and puffing in my car, I was forced to really get intentional for a moment. Normally, that situation would really make me lose all of my patience, but I think I only lost 50% of it. It got me thinking about how everyone says you have to choose to be happy.

In the same vein, we were choosing to make an ordinary moment become a celebration, just by deciding to make it so. For this anniversary, Heather and I decided not to buy each other gifts and just keep it casual + fun. I love to buy gifts for people, and I have a tendency to go overboard. But honestly, we don’t need one thing! (Have I mentioned that we live in 1200 sq. feet of house? There’s really no room for all the knick-knacks that my grandma heart desires.)

We batted around quite a few ideas, rock climbing, bowling…stuff we’ve never done or rarely do. But with just a few hours of daylight left, we hopped in the car and decided to head to a movie at the Fine Arts Theater. On the way there, though, we passed the Wedge, a neighborhood staple that we frequent in the summer. The sun was going down and the patio was perfectly lit up, and we drove toward the light!

Sitting outside, drinking a beer at this neighborhood spot, is technically not a special moment in our lives. It happens pretty regularly. But when you decide to decide that it is a special night, it is. I really love that about life. We all get to decide what matters, what is most important to us. Even after we drove downtown and ducked our heads into a bunch of insanely packed restaurants, something that would usually try my patience, I literally thought to myself: this is a special moment, we are wandering downtown on a beautiful night. And it was so!

We ended up at our go-to celebratory spot, which was kind of funny. At Chestnut we sat in the window seat, people watching and apparently being watched as well because a gentle soul scared the shit out of his when he smacked his hands on the glass in front of us. Keeping it interesting. I feel like Chestnut is one restaurant we can always get into without a reservation and isn’t nearly as busy as the other, touristy spots downtown. Knock on wood. Post window-smack, we shared the beet + goat cheese salad, some kind of insane, creamy risotto, and salmon with dill yogurt sauce atop a glorified, delightfully thick + friend hashbrown. It was all magically delicious and we ate ourselves into a coma.

After dinner, we passed the Fine Arts Theater as we were walking back to our car. And we noticed tht the guy taking down the marquee was the same person who created the movie we went to see on our first date, also at the Fine Arts Theater. Feels like it all went full circle that night, it was a perfect ending!

Here’s to many more!! 🙂

And now a photo montage from the last few year. I doubt anyone will enjoy this as much as me, but at least I get to show off our sweet Christmas jammies.

And because it is just so damn cute. Two of my favorite people…


  1. Adelyn V
    April 13, 2016 / 6:26 pm

    LOVE you two so much! And I want/need this picture of the Weez and H-Bair–so cute!!!

  2. Courtney Masters
    April 13, 2016 / 8:28 pm

    So cute!!!!! Congrats to you and Heather!!!

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