Internet Treats III

Having fun scampering around the internet, as always. Here’s what has been entertaining me lately:


I swear to you, this is worth watching in its entirety. This video has over 61 million views so I bet I’m not the only one who feels like some kind of void has been filled with this. Who wouldn’t want to sing karaoke with Adele, to her own songs? 

I really want to make this delicious looking healthy bev. Best part? I have all of it in my kitchen already!

Admittedly I can be a little judgy about gals who take off their shirts in yoga. This totally changes my mind about it. Sorry for judging gals, life is a process!

My friend Julie sent this to me. Girl Scout cookies + Wine. Life made.

Is it odd to love a pair of socks? There is something so appealing about a secret, foul-mouthed affirmation hiding inside my boots, giving me a little laugh whenever I think about them. These are my faves: one, two and three. And these of course:


Someone alert my dad, because it’s time to resume our Tuesday night Middle School routine. Gilmore Girls is back!!

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