12 Hours in Savannah

I don’t know about you, but I am just now getting myself back together after the whirlwind of the holidays. I’m a card carrying member of the crappy birthday club (Capricorn, what what!) so, for me, the holidays are totally jam packed.

Let’s rewind a bit to the week before Christmas, shall we? Since we are at the age where our parents are cleaning out their garages, and therefore filling our basements, we had to drive to Florida to take down some items and bring more back! We left after work the Friday before Christmas and didn’t really want the drive to become the red eye equivalent to road trips. Tis the season for appreciating the moment, ya know? So we decided to stop for the night in Savannah.

I will never recommend the hostel we stayed in, but we did know exactly what we were getting ourselves into as it had very mixed reviews. The manager clearly had some mental health stuff going on so I won’t name names here, but all said and done, he took about 45 minutes to check us into our room. Not so fun when my grand plan way to hit the hay for an early wake-up call to get some quick exploring done! Thankfully, our bodies survived a scant night’s sleep on a paper thin futon mattress and we hit the streets of the historic district around 8am.

Now, I was promised a very Florida Christmas, all sand, sun and a tan. A warm jacket wasn’t on my packing list. Or a hat. Or gloves. And it was 20 degrees there! Fortunately, my lovely Florida girl is always prepared to be cold she let me wear her jacket and hat. What a gem. In the morning, we wandered around near the water, where they have all of these “historic steps” that I found highly entertaining.

AKA, these steps were built before the time of lawsuits and building code, so watch yourself. Or else, that was my personal interpretation.

Since we just had a few hours before we needed to make our way to the land of gators and culturally-inappropriate-native-american-mascots, our plan was to see the water and some of the older historic buildings and then to explore downtown a bit. That said, I did have one spot in mind that I wanted to see, from my last trip to Savannah as a pudgy and awkward pre-teen. (If anyone has photos of this trip, please message me!)

The last time I was in Savannah I was in a 15 passenger van performing a very intricate dance routine to Da Dip by Freak Nasty. I believe we called it “chair dancing” as our sweet moves were constrained by seat belts within the confines of our massive van. I will never forget how my friend Tamara’s mom parallel parked that thing, still extremely impressive to this day. The whole reason for this journey was to the Mecca that is the Juliette Gordon Low house. Who is this, you may ask? The founder of the Girl Scouts, obviously. My troupe-mates (fellow nerds, cookie-slingers) drove from PA to Savannah for this, which was probably a nightmare for the moms who actually had to drive.

Obviously, I had to go check out her digs again.

The last stop on our sporadic and ill-planned morning was a spontaneous visit to this super badass cemetery, constructed in 1750. Dating back to my girl scout days, when we did crayon rubbings on centuries-old tombstones, I have been obsessed with the inherent history of cemeteries. The cherry on top was that the Colonial Park cemetery had this totally impressive entrance. I feel like all cemeteries need such a grand eagle at the gate.

It was a very random 12 hours which ended with a super-quick pit stop in Saint Augustine for lunch at the absolutely delicious The Floridian restaurant. Highly, highly recommend. Lots of veggie and vegan eats and seriously tasty!

That was our little Christmas road trip adventure, hope you all had a cozy and wonderful holiday!


  1. Courtney Masters
    January 7, 2016 / 9:34 pm

    Sounds so fun!!! Were the steps really that dangerous?? They look normal!

    • Anna Elliott
      February 17, 2016 / 2:02 am

      They really weren't that bad, it did seem odd that they made a big deal out of it.

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