Internet Treats

Happy Almost Halloween!

Let’s be real, Halloween is about indulgence. Indulging in candy, too many beers and way more glitter than any self-respecting adult should ever feel okay wearing in public. Costumes are an excuse to wear your leggings without pants, show off your impeccable knowledge of history/current events/pop culture or (the absolute worst kind of person), stay silent behind a mask all night logo. 

But, don’t misunderstand me, I intend to indulge in all of these things, minus the I-May-Be-A-Murderer-You’ll-Never-Know funny guy who silently stares are people from behind a mask, refusing to speak. Other than that, I am personally very excited to wear a muumuu and way too much makeup in public. If I could get away with that daily, I would. In honor of a holiday that is 100% about indulgence, let’s indulge in some gratuitous humor at the expense of others.


This is seriously the best thing ever. I watched this at least ten times and laughed hysterically


This article. And not because of the One Direction references, I could care less about them. “Say that out loud to yourself. ‘Besides Justin Timberlake, Joey Fatone is the most successful member of NSync”



If you haven’t seen Whine About It, you’re missing gems like this: “You want candy? Why don’t you get a job and you go down to the CVS and look the cashier right in the face while you buy a whole bag of jumbo Kit Kats for yourself. That’s how adults do candy.” This and this are also highly entertaining.

This is actually not funny at all, it’s the best internet news ever. MODG is back. She writes all the curse words on the internet so that I don’t have to.

Hope you enjoy these treats, don’t be a Halloween dummy – use that free Uber ride and wear leggings if you can. Best advice ever.

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