Sharing is Caring or Why I Write

When I first began writing this blog last summer, the issue of a name came up pretty immediately. For a split second I considered using my own name, and then about 30 seconds later decided on The Everywhere Place. It just came to me and I didn’t question it. It’s a concept that made real sense to me but I’ve never really explained it to anyone, not that anyone has asked! No one asks me for book recommendations or why I meditate or for 1,693 photos of my dog either. Blogging is based in a self-centered need to share your thoughts with those who could probably care less, or have 10 minutes to kill and have some voyeuristic tendencies. That’s why I read blogs, don’t you?!

In reality, yes I am nosey and yes I like to write about my own life, but the real reason I started this little old thang is because sharing is caring (!) and all of it can potentially bring people together into this super newfangled idea of “community”. For example, there was a particular blog I read religiously after college that inspired me to move to Asheville to get my yoga teacher certification. The writer has never met me and we live on opposite sides of the country, but reading her stories infused me with a sense of excitement and motivation that led me to take the plunge. It was like a strange one-sided pen pal situation. A pen pal who was living a life that I found interesting and exciting and sparked my curiosity about a different way of life.

All of this is a long-winded explanation of a familiar concept: home is where the heart is. That’s the idea behind The Everywhere Place, the place that is everywhere! No matter where I am, who I am with, what’s going on, being able to tap into my experiences, my values, my core self keeps me grounded. On the flip side, being able to hold these ideals allows a connection with all sorts of people. As a concept, I think this is valuable because it can easily be shared – across the internet! My goal is always to share thoughts and experiences that can maybe help bond two people, or spark an idea, push forward a quest for health, happiness….a full life lived in nature, enjoying beauty wherever it can be found.

I am passionate about many things: health, art, yoga, Instagram, family, bed-making, the direction the toilet paper goes. It’s endless! We are all such diverse and interesting people. If I didn’t talk to strangers or learn from my friends and neighbors, I would be a much dumber person with a very limited perspective on the world. As my mom just quoted to me from Benjamin Franklin: “We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid.” It’s hard to ignore the people around you, I don’t really recommend it. Even the neighbors who narrate your gardening habits have nuggets of knowledge to give. Not that I have one of those, of course.

This past weekend was a trying one, my dear sweet grandmother passed away. But knowing the experiences we shared, that I did my best to show her love and comfort, made it all okay. Doing our best to show, give, and best of all, receive love is the best we can do for ourselves and our family.

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