Whirlwind in the Foggy City, 1.0

Somehow this little blog o’ mine has recently morphed into a travel blog.  Please know, these are not my intentions, just the reality of life.  Not that I’m complaining, but I am not a pro traveler by any means.

True to form, I didn’t research too much until the night before I left home. I just knew that no matter what, there was lots of see and I would indefinitely see some of it!

On my first morning, I grabbed some breakfast at the Ferry Building and rented a bike that was definitely not made for a person over four feet fall. (Don’t worry, I adjusted it, thank goodness.) If you know me at all, you know I have zero sense of direction. It’s truly pathetic.  So, I thoroughly grilled the bike rental man until I was convinced I could follow the almost straight line (The Embarcadero) marked on the map, mounted between my handlebars.  Still I panicked a bit once I hit the city.  Luckily I found some other glaringly obvious tourist types on bikes and sneakily followed them. Those helmeted folk led me to these sweet guys at Pier 39.

Sea lions are not a graceful animal.  But quite entertaining.  And loud.

From there I pedaled down to Fisherman’s wharf where I watched triathletes swimming in the bay, with the Golden Gat Bridge in the distance on one side, and Alcatraz on the other.  This may have been my favorite scene of the whole trip. Sadly, I didn’t get a good picture!

Ghiradelli Square was near, and it wasn’t a long walk towards Lombard Street.  Those hills are no joke, I swear I pulled a muscle in my butt walking them all. I made the mistake of attempting to walk my bike up to the intersection of Lombard. No bueno. It lived for the next hour or so on an unsuspecting street sign.

After traipsing the city a bit, I made my way back to the beach and followed it all the way to the bridge.

Do all these photos look blurry? Well, that is real life people. It was cold and foggy (and rainy) the entire time I was there. The city was totally gorgeous though, all fog included.  I can only imagine how beautiful it would be with a little sun.

The moment I crossed the bridge into Sausalito, the sun showed its face to me! 

Even though I was tempted to hang in the Vitamin D, I took the ferry back to SF and went to see the painted ladies with my dear old friend from high school, Michael. Full House was the ultimate show when I was growing up, so this was a pretty important life moment.

After more wandering, and eating, my poor old body was totally beat. 

Day two is another post!


  1. Caroline Juterbock
    June 5, 2015 / 9:08 pm

    Did you have a Ghiradelli chocolate? Also I love your new pic by your bio!!

  2. Laura Darling
    July 8, 2015 / 12:35 am

    So fun! I'd love to visit there someday! The Full House house would definitely be on my must see list!

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