Small Kindnesses

It’s truly amazing how powerful small actions can be.

The small kindness of someone looking at you and saying, I understand, I’ve felt that way too. 

Or a friend leaving a card on your doorstep. Or your partner cooking dinner when they know you’ve had a long day.

These little olive branches, extensions of vulnerability, stretched between two people bolster our humanness.

A dear friend of mine constantly reminds me that exposing the tender, dark places in our selves is essential. This is how connections are made, how we realize new parts of ourselves. And how we learn our strengths, and how to give support and insight to others. 

Another side of this coin is showing yourself kindness. In yoga, this is called ahimsa, non violence. When I first learned this idea, it was eye opening. I’d never considered all the ways in which we are violent towards ourselves. For instance, I catch myself falling into that mental cycle of beating myself up for not doing something perfectly.

Since the meditation class I took this winter, I’ve been taking more time in the morning to read and meditate, do a bit of yoga on my mat. These moments have been very precious to me and have become my favorite part of each day. 

Taking this time to connect and feel centered has been a gift to myself.

A small action of kindness I can give myself, daily. So simple, but so powerful.

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  1. Caroline Juterbock
    June 5, 2015 / 9:10 pm


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