Spring is Springing over in Asheville

The feeling of expectancy that has arrived along with spring has surprised me.  Never have I been quite so excited to experience the contrast between winter and the coming of warmth and sun.  Monday night I was standing on my porch watching the sunset and thinking, damn I have never been so excited to recognize the end of winter.  Typically, I go with the ignorance is bliss method in the winter: Full acceptance of early sunsets and cold mornings and zero thoughts of Spring.  This year was no different.  Every year, when the nights are suddenly warm enough to sit outside I am pleasantly shocked.

This year, Spring has brought a whole new feeling that caught me off guard.  I feel all of this relief, excitement and expectancy.  Now I understand the whole “promise of Spring” idea.  I am feeling that this year, and it feels good.  Even more so because I didn’t see it coming.  Especially, I’m looking forward to drinking coffee on my front porch in the quiet of morning and rain.  There is nothing quite like a spring thunderstorm.

Last Spring and Summer we didn’t do much to spruce up our mud pit of a yard (you have to see it to believe it, promise).  We never purchased furniture for the porch or hung up the hammock.  This year, knowing that we are staying here for the time being, I can’t wait to invest my time and energy into making it my place.

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