Internet Treats II

Some nuggets of entertainment from the interwebs.  Hopefully they will bring you a little joy, especially the last one:

This lovely lady does some beautiful hand lettering.  Call me obsessed, but I’m particularly fond of this image.  I have a personal goal to work on my handwriting and Miranti has so much inspiring work to browse through.

As a fan of all things rust-filled and neglected, this little cabin tugs at my heart strings.  And all those windows?  Ugh, so good!

Heather is obsessed with animal documentaries.  Often, while I am doing something around the house I’ll get lured into actually sitting down and watching.  Recently, there was a strange woman going on about “tall blondes” which is how she referred to these giraffes.  Very strange, but the point is that it would be so amazing to stay at Giraffe Manor! [This is obviously a cheesy promo video, but up until 1:00 is still mind blowing.]

“Was there anybody who made you nervous painting them?”  He responds: “No. There are plenty of them I’ve made nervous. Especially Clinton.  Oh, he was petrified.”  Apparently he should have been, but just look at this painter, way to go dude.

Happy hump day, you’re clearly having a better day than this poor bird.

Martin Le-May Via

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